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The Art of Christian Gabriel

Artist Bio

     Being a war veteran who struggles with PTSD, Christian Gabriel, (also known as Christian Gabriel Fazio) found his outlet through painting. After becoming inspired by the Las Vegas art scene in 2008, he decided to step into the art world; a world completely opposite of the

Marine Corps. In 2010, he opened Christian Gabriel Art, a fine art studio that specializes in traditional commissions as well as digital design. He studied Media Arts & Animation at the

Art Institute of Las Vegas where he earned his Bachelors in 2013. After college, Christian

gained professional experience working at a high volume fine art production company. In

2016, Christian relocated to Portland and dove right into the art scene. He has created and produced art for Do Good Multnomah, The Junior League of Portland, Rose City Wellness Week,

Portland Rose Festival, Starlight Parade, East Creative Art Studio and IFC hit TV show, “Portlandia”.

     Christian believes in creating art to strengthen community. He teaches an art class at Do Good Multnomah opened to Veterans and their families. He is also working with the Regional Arts and Culture Council on a project called “Under The Deck”, to paint the columns under the Hawthorne Bridge. Over the last year, Christian has been working on a project called Acrylic Warfare. It is a traveling juried art show where Veteran artists can show their work, promoting alternative therapy as a voice for change, Together, we can inspire others, ending Veteran suicide. 

Artist Statement

     In over 10 years of creating, I've come a long way and really grown as a human being. I've replaced the anger inside with peace and tranquility. I've learned to love myself again and be in control for once. I don't always want to talk about what's going through my head and some days I can't shut up. I can sway from introvert to extravert depending on the day. For me, art is a way to express myself when words aren't working. My Garden Collection was created as a symbol of growth and new beginnings. In a time of uncertainty, we (as a planet) need more messages of peace and love. No matter what my flowers are doing, they are happy, vibrant and in motion. Most importantly, they are coexisting.

     Art bridges cultures together. Rather than trying to come up with a simple answer to a complex situation by debating, art attracts your attention. It causes you to stop, listen and maybe even think freely for once. There is no bad art, is it all subjective and is the gateway to a person's soul. There is always a story behind every canvas. We are all artists, this is our birth right. As we grow up we are told that we can't be artists (or it's only a hobby) and then we start telling ourselves this.

     When people come to my art shows, I pay attention to their body language, facial expressions and even try my best to talk to them. I take great pride and joy knowing that whatever kind of day they had before arriving to my show, they can simply smile in a room full of beautiful art. If but only one moment they are smiling, that's one moment they aren't sad.