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The Art of Christian Gabriel


Always Strong (Army Heart)


Limited Edition poster (Signed & numbered to 100) 11x17. This is not the original painting.

Always Strong is named after the recent Army slogan, "Army Strong" and inspired by the painting "Man of Steel" I did for my best friend Collin. It is my interpretation of an LVAD (Heart pumping device). I will continue to make these to not only raise awareness of Veteran suicide but to also raise orgasn donor awareness.

"This We'll Defend" is the Army motto dating back to 1776. The word "This" means the land, liberty and The Constitution. The snake on the dogtag is reference to the "Don't Tread On Me" Gadsden flag. Paratroopers in the back. M240 golf up front. With camoflauge and a black SAPI-plated covering, this heart is ready for anything!

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