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The Art of Christian Gabriel


At Arms Length


Limited Edition poster (Signed & numbered to 100) 11x17. This is not the original painting.

Many of us come home from war and have a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. We are expected to shed our anger, guilt and depression as if it were skin and step into a new body. Some adapt and overcome but some aren’t as fortunate. It is estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide A DAY. Those are only the numbers that go reported. I believe it’s higher than that.

At Arms Length describes the contrast between military and civilian life. I chose to make the arm out of a turbine to represent the idea of “fast living”. A special thank you to my wife for naming the painting. Any veteran with the personal struggle of keeping people an arms length away, this painting was made with you in mind. It’s never too late. Make the phone call, go for a walk, start saying yes to all and any opportunities. Do ANYTHING but stop fighting. You have so much to offer whether you believe it or not. I could’ve stayed on the couch 14 years ago and closed myself off to the world. I would’ve known exactly how my life would’ve ended. Instead, I made the choice to keep fighting.

Rest In Peace to SgtMjr T. Parisi and the many brothers and sisters that have chose to go too early. To my fellow vets still here, LIVE in Peace.

NOTE: All images are cropped for uniformity in the web store. Prints incude full image

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