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The Art of Christian Gabriel

New Collection "Acrylic Warfare: Built to Survive"

Many of us come home from war, never actually come home. We are still fighting a war in our heads. We trade the feelings of happiness and peace from our loved ones for anger and hate for strangers. We travel to foreign lands to fight because of what our government tells us. Whether or not they are telling the truth will come out in 50 years when it’s irrelevant and most of us are gone. 22 Veterans A DAY commit suicide. That’s just a number of deaths that are reported. I believe it’s more than that. Will the number ever come down? Will/Can we find true happiness? This is a challenge to all veterans to seek help when times get too rough. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to a fellow brother/sister in arms to vent. Rest In Peace to my fallen Marines and to my fellow warriors still among us, LIVE in Peace.

The goal is to find true happiness. Happiness is love and love is the meaning of life.